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The ReManned Project™️ is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in personal and leadership development for adult Black males seeking to break the vicious cycle of missed potential so that they transform their lives, leadership and legacy. We accomplish this using our signature proprietary science, The Character Arc™️ which is a cognitive transformational product for males 25 years old and older designed to build their capacity to meet, face and overcome adverse realities. We expand his capacity in his personal life, family life and business life, using 6 distinct stages: 


  1. Spirituality and Inner Strength

  2. Responsibility and Self Stewardship

  3. Ethics and Values

  4. Maturity and Growth

  5. Authenticity and Transparency 

  6. Nobility and Excellence



“The most revolutionary thing a Black Man can do in America is to get married, commit to one woman, and raise a family.”

- Chris Broussard


The Big Who!


Donald Morton is an award winning social entrepreneur known for his innovative social solutions. His latest solution is expressed as the CEO of The ReManned Project™️, Inc., where he helps Black Men break the vicious cycle of missed potential so they transform every area of their lives. Dr. Morton is the former Executive Director of the Complexities of Color Coalition.  As Executive Director of the Coalition, he worked to congregate Wilmington’s African-American community in order to create a comprehensive strategy to influence institutions, policies, and laws. Morton has over 25 years of experience in African American community leadership.


My Big Why!


The ReManned Project™️ is deeply personal. While I’m glad that thousands of Men are on this journey with me, it was started because I needed liberation. I was broken and bound. I was fighting to put my life back together after divorce, infidelity, business challenges, bankruptcy and a life destroyed by being the worse liar ever. Yeah I was a freakin LIAR! It wasn’t until I faced my own sh!t and proved my signature science “The Character Arc™️", that I was ready to lead men to learn and live the science of being a ReManned Man!

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