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An affiliate is a community level organization that serves a specific area and fulfills The ReManned Project™️ mission locally. Each affiliate is responsible for its own fundraising efforts, volunteers, partnerships etc. 


What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are formed by individuals and organization that are obsessed with supporting Black men in their communities. Having identified regional needs and resources, they've determined that The ReManned Project™️ programs would revolutionize their area.


To date, we have ReManned Project affiliates in 6 cities and 2 countries including organizations in the United States, Kenya, and Nicaragua.


How do you get started?

Starting a ReManned Project affiliate is a freakin' exciting and fulfilling experience. But I won’t BS you, it’s also a serious endeavor. You would become a valued member of an internationally renowned coaching firm and gain access to a wide variety of resources, support, and expertise from ReManned Project affiliates around the world.


You're a good fit if...

  • You're passionate and committed to our mission

  • Have the time, effort, and willingness to dedicate carrying the weight of the start up process (legal and financial)

  • You're ready to complete our rigorous 60 day certification process [MANDATORY]

  • Can recruit a viable team, build relationships with partner agencies, generate coverage in the press, and spearhead the launch of programs​


Affiliate Benefits

  • Alignment with a well respected company with a stellar reputation among the Men we serve, volunteers and donors 

  • Access and use of The ReManned Project™️ systems and professionals (accountants, attorneys, etc.)

  • Access to leverage relational assets that The ReManned Project™️ has created with national and international corporations 

  • Access and training in the execution of our signature science, The Character Arc™️

  • Access to our virtual community

  • Access to our annual conference, “ReManned Live: Capacity” (opportunity to network with business owners and leaders from around the world)

  • Support from full time staff at The ReManned Project​

  • Compensation plan

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